How Accountants Can Tap into International Markets

Padgett Advisors

The field of trade is no longer limited to their borders. With the opening up of businesses of all sizes to international trade, the demand for accountants who can deal with its complexities is on the increase. This guide will acquaint the accountants who work in such firms as Padgett Advisors with a way of gaining the world and expanding their career prospects by the use of their professional experience.

Do I Need Specialized Skills?

Yes, but I am not speaking about the creation of new abilities, but rather empowerment. Now you know the important accounting techniques you learned. undefined

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): Many countries have adopted IFRS, and they still have certain discrepancies from local accounting standards. Nailing it with the IFRS will make your skills internationally recognized and bring you additional clients.

Foreign Tax Regulations: The rate of tax laws differs tremendously amongst countries. It is essential to comprehend the tax obligations of doing business across borders.

Currency Fluctuations: The instability of foreign exchange rates can be extremely concerning to the company’s financial results. Currency expertise as a hedging tool can also be extremely helpful.

What Kind of Skills and Knowledge Will I Need to Acquire?

There are many ways by which you can develop your international accounting skills

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Courses: One thing that several accounting bodies tend to offer is courses on CPE in the area of international accounting.

Online Resources: Countless sites now supply online information on the IFRS, foreign tax regulations, and other international accounting issues.

Language Skills: Even though fluency may not be relevant all the time, conversance with a second tongue, particularly the language of the target market, helps to earn the advantage.

How to find International Opportunities?

Networking: Make sure to attend events that are meant for businesses operating in the global market. Find a tie with the global market which can be done by networking with international businesses.

Join International Accounting Associations: On the contrary, a vital role like the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) provides communities for accountants who would like to work internationally with resources and networking opportunities.

Target Companies with International Operations: Some national companies also have an international presence in the market. Maybe, turn to them for advice on the possibility of the accounting services to be extended towards overseas operations of theirs.


Accountancy goes global not only can bring profit but also make profit. A great way to achieve this is by being actively involved and seeking chances to build the necessary skills, which in the end will bolster your career in the international setting.